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  • Special attention is paid by Class Teacher in selecting suitable Monitors. Names are submitted to the Principal before appointment.
  • Monitors must be as far as possible exemplary in conduct and industrious in their studies.
  • They must be able to command respect in the class.
  • They are employed for all assistance in the class, maintaining discipline, collecting or distributing class room, bringing charts, maps etc.
  • They must erase the writing on the B.B immediately after each period.
  • The Monitor, specially in the higher classes, will write each day on the B.B. the date and number of students present out of the total, in their class,
  • The Monitors ought to realize that, to be a monitor is a special privilege and honour. To betray the trust and confidence reposed in them is to commit a most degrading act. They can be changed every month, to give a chance to another
  • Once in two months a meeting of monitors is held under the guidance of the teacher appointed by the principal or when methods and means are discussed and redressing-grievances.
St Joseph School Ratlam
  • It is Incumbent on all leaders to report to the principal/teacher in charge or the class teacher any breach of discipline noticed even during the recess.
  • In the event of a teacher being absent, they must inform the Principal within the first minute form the commencement of the period.
  • In the absence of the class Monitor, the assistant shall function in the same capacity.


Besides the duties mentioned above, the Captains and vice captains should try:-

  • To constantly urge students to set up new records in athletics, to get better merits in examinations, to win laurels for their house.
  • To keep up their house Spirit and Motto.
  • To conduct various House activities, concerts, Inter House Contests and Competitions.
  • To work with the members of their House in team spirit and with collective effort.
  • To evaluate the school discipline, code of conduct and their activities periodically with the help of the house Mistress and other teachers in the house.
  • To build up good family spirit, good and healthy relationship with teachers in the house.
  • To see that every house member sincerely works at inculcating in themselves, the qualities and virtues of a true Josephite after our dear Patron St. Joseph and keeping in mind our school motto.
  • To encourage all the house members to stand by the school at all times in a spirit of love and loyalty and to face life and its problems with a spirit of determination, optimism and humour.
  • To nip in the bud all inclinations towards evil in themselves and in others.
  • To give a report to the House mistress and the principal of all their undertakings, and to seek guidance form them constantly.