Physical Training and Games

Definition of a sportswoman/Sportsman

  • She / He plays the game for them game’s sake.
  • She / He plays for the team and not for oneself.
  • She / He is a good – winner and a good loser i.e. modest in victory and generous in defeat.
  • She / He does not argue with referees or judges.
  • She / He is chivalrous towards a defeated opponent.
  • She / He is unselfish and always ready to help other to be come proficient.
  • As a spectator, She / he applauds good play on both sides.
  • She / He does not take advantage of the weakness of others.
  • She / He is a sportswoman / sportsman on the play field.
St Joseph School Ratlam

Physical Training

  • Physical Training, games and sports are compulsory activities of the school Curriculum.
  • NO child will be exempted unless a medical certificate (one original and one true copy) is produced. Both the copies should be signed by the principal. The original is retained in the office and the child should keep one copy with her/him always. Those who are exempted must be with the class during the P.T period.


  • Outdoor games are encouraged. Students must take part in any of the following games. Basket ball, Throw ball, Volley ball, kho kho, kabaddi football, Cricket.
  • Students are ranked in grades and divided into four houses.
  • All games athletics and co-curricular activities are conducted on the House system.
  • Players should wear, sports shirts and white canvas shoes.