Promotion Rules

St Joseph School Ratlam
  • Passing marks for Primary and Middle classes is 40%
  • Passing marks for Higher classes is 33%. The marks for the final promotion are obtained in the following manner.
  • Promotions are granted on the basis of the whole years work, hence the importance of regularity in work and performance in examinations is essential.
  • If any student remains absent in an examination without the prior permission of the Principal, she/he will be given zero in that test.
  • Consistent neglect of any subject will not be condoned.
  • In view of the examination system, during the year and the year's average in determining eligibility for promotion, it will not be possible to reconsider the results or to hold re-tests.

Note:- These rules of promotion serve as guide-lines to the Principal when she has to make her decision and she reserves the right to use her discretion in individual cases.