Principal Message

St Joseph School Ratlam

“Education without character is like a flower without fragrance.”

Education is the key to unlock the golden rule to set us free. Education helps clear children’s mind and get their energy directed. We have the responsibility to channelize our students’ potential in right direction. Teachers are the best minds of the country. We at SJC are proud of having dedicated and committed teachers who take teaching as a mission in their lives.

The theme of the year 2022-2023 was “Together Towards a Sustainable Common Home.” The two most important components in the circle of life on our lovely blue planet are air and water. Without these two basic elements, the earth would not be the place it is, nor, would we be able to live in it. We therefore, reminded ourselves not to waste water and to keep our surroundings clean with pure air so that life could continue. Most of our students also enthusiastically participated in the pledge to save our environment and planted a tree in the striving “Each one plants a tree”. Thus, we are called to be the “Saviours of the Planet”

Kudos to our dear students who excel in all that you undertake and are marching towards the heights. I would like to remind you that we need also to strive towards higher and noble ideals of life. Discover new and better avenues of life and invent latest technologies to make life comfortable and find ways and means to forge ahead. Let us not forget to achieve lasting values in our lives such as love, unity, justice, peace etc. These will bring ultimate happiness for us and others.

So dear parents, teachers and students and well-wishers unitedly we shall choose a different path–swim against the current, fighting against the evil forces that obstruct our journey. Victory will ultimately be ours.

May God Bless one and all! Satyamev Jayate!</p>

Sr. Jessy Pookoden