Principal Message

St Joseph School Ratlam

Good Morning! My dear students! A very warm welcome! to all of you.

We have begun this new Academic Session with all enthusiasm during this Pandemic. We are living in strange times, strange, Unprecedented, unseen, unheard off .The Pandemic crisis has changed the Global world order .It has changed our life style, the way we think, the way we feel, the way we proceed towards our goals. It has challenged us as never before. Who had imagined the day my dear students! when the temples, Churches, Mosques and other places of worship the world over will be closed for people, to devotees, to worshipers, to the believers and the faithful. A Holy and saintly man was disturbed by all this and he kept asking God during this Covid 19 times. Why have you closed all the places of worship? why are you not allowing man to come and worship you? God appeared to him in a dream and answered, “Don‘t fret, I have not closed all doors, I have not closed the doors to me .I have created a temple, I have created a Church and I have created a Mosque in every house.” My Dear Students, what a simple and yet profound lesson the above story teaches us. The Covid 19 crisis has created a new human being out of all of us it has created a new person whom we never knew before. It has made all of us to dwell deep into ourselves to search for resources, skills that inherent within us.

This is the time to re-discover the exemplary person you are! Your Father saw a good son in you. The brothers looked at you and saw a useless dreamer! The travellers saw a slave !God looked at you and saw a Doctor, Chief Executive officer or Prime Minister, President in waiting. Don’t be discouraged by what people see in you! Be encouraged what God sees in you!!Let’s share God’s love and make the world a better place to live. Let us remember this word (DAAK)Do an Act of Kindness.

The Theme of the Session 2021 –to 2022 is “Weaving Lives with Green Threads”. Today human activities have disturbed the eco-system beyond repairs. Destroying the Green to build concrete stand tall, unruly consumption of natural resources, exploiting the bio- diversity somewhere made us forget that there are limits to growth .Covid-19 situation seem nothing but a warning from a strict teacher Our Mother Earth. The reduce activities , be it economic or transport have resulted in reduced carbon emission thus giving a cleaner air to breath, The controlled activities made us realize that the lives on the planet Earth could be woven beautifully and strong only with the Green Threads. The healing touch of God could be felt only by healing the Green.

Let’s be ECO Friendly rather than EGO friendly. The time has come that we stop manipulating our mother nature for our selfish needs. The urbanization, exploitation of resources, exploding population , blatant industrialization and by all means we humans have not left any means to damage our planet earth which is why it is more serious now that we start repairing the green threads to let our existence possible on the Earth.

The clock, saving is running out. Catastrophic climate changes and virus attacks are uncontrollable threats to our beautiful green and blue home and humanity could be saved only if we learn to address these dangers by changing the way of living, by WEAVING LIVES WITH GREEN THREADS.

“Let us work together to build a society ,in which each one of us has a chance to grow, to achieve, to contribute, to create dignity, not for ourselves but for others also.”-Tony Blair.

May the Blessing of the Almighty God abide with you and your family is our sincere wish and prayer for each one of you.

SJC Ratlam