Our Students

St Joseph School Ratlam


It is our sincere desire to see every student of St Joseph’s Convent, emerge as a woman or man with a total and integrated personality, having life in all its fullness, for the glory of God is man fully alive. So he/she should fully remember the following:-


  • Establish a conviction of God, as a God of love and forgiveness
  • Accept oneself & others, learn to relate with others.
  • Remember she/he never walks alone. God is with in them. Therefore, consult him often and always.
  • Be open to growth & development.
  • Use their freedom in a responsible manner.
  • Acquire a genuine respect for all persons.
  • Have concern for & help the underprivileged.


  • Develop a sense of optimism. As long as there is life, there is hope to improve.
  • Develop a love for work because it enhances the dignity of the person.
  • Develop individualities; promote creativity and spontaneity in work.
  • Be proud of his/her country, focus attention on its development & progress, & be aware of its urgent needs.
  • Use all opportunities offered to develop or discover their talents.
  • Be proud of, and loyal to the member of ones family. Love them.
  • Build up confidence & courage to face all difficulties of life.
  • Assume a sense of responsibility for what one undertakes.


  • Be aware of the fact that the world has been reduced to a global village.
  • Work to establish human rights, international understanding, cooperation and peace.
  • Practice tolerance and acceptance of diverse races and cultures.
  • Seize occasion to proclaim the benefits of peace.
  • Bring about reconciliation where there is injury.
  • Be the first to forgive the othe