Rules of the School

St Joseph School Ratlam
  • At the stroke of the first bell, all must stop wherever they are and take the name of God and must proceed briskly and in silence to the place of assembly After the assembly they are expected to go in silence to their respective classes.
  • Students are expected to keep up the good name of the school by their good work and behaviour. They are expected to give special attention to personal and general cleanliness and courtesy.
  • Regular Attendance: Habitual idleness, disobedience, cheating in the exam, changing marks in the report books or conduct injuries to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student.
  • Students have to maintain silence while passing by the classroom or the office where work is being done.
  • All should line up before their respective classes immediately after the recess bell. Enter the class-room quietly and greet the teacher respectfully.
  • Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed.
  • This hand Book is to be brought to school every day.
  • No pupil is allowed to enter other than her/his own classroom without prior permission and no one is allowed to stay in the classroom during games or recess.
  • The students should be punctual and regular in attendance. Absence of students from class for merely family social functions is entirely discouraged and the school can not take the responsibility for the slow progress of those who are irregular or comes often late to school.
  • The students should keep their classes and the school premises clean and tidy. Any damage done in the school premises is to be made good fully by the student responsible for it.
  • Books or periodicals should not be brought to the school without the approval of the Principal. Students are not allowed to bring metal boxes to the school.
  • Gadgets including mobiles, Mp3 players, I pods, Calculators etc. are not allowed in school.
  • The school is not responsible for books, valuable articles or ornaments which may be lost or stolen. The students are not allowed to put on any ornament. All articles found in school and not claimed shall be disposed off after one month.
  • All Students when admitted must make themselves acquainted with the rules notified for their conduct whilst in this school. Ignorance of the rules will be no excuse.
  • Strict regularity, implicit obedience courtesy in speech and conduct, cleanliness of dress and person are expected form each pupil.

Hence irregular attendance, habitual idleness, unsatisfactory application to studies, disobedience, objectionable moral influence and unsatisfactory conduit, in and out of school justify dismissal of a student.

  • During any unavoidable absence of the teacher, the monitor and the assistant monitor will be responsible for order and discipline in the class.
  • No leave of absence is granted, without the submission of written application form parents or guardians and that also for serious reasons. This leave must be entered on the “LEAVE RECORD” page of the Calendar and must be duly signed by the parent as well as by the Principal before the leave is taken. A pupil taking leave without the written permission of the Principal will be Penalized.
  • No Child suffering form a contagious or infectious disease shall be permitted to attend school.
  • Running, playing, shouting inside the school building is not allowed. A student found to be alone in the class room, without permission of the authorities, be it for purpose of study or any other motive, will be penalized. There should be SILENCE during inter change of periods. When moving along corridors or stairways the rule to be followed is:- KEEP LEFT. WALK IN SINGLE FILE AND IN SILENCE.
  • No child is allowed to remain in the class room during recess or drill periods. During recess no child is allowed to return to class without the permission of the Supervisor. No student is allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the principal.
  • Students are not granted leave of absence unless their parents/guardians send in an application and that too for serious reasons only.Those taking leave without the permission of the principal are liable for dismissal.
  • Students, unable to rejoin classes after the holidays, should take permission form the principal in advance. Defaulters in the regard may find their names struck off the rolls.
  • No student is allowed to leave the school permises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  • Parents / guardians should send in an application to the Principal in case they want their sons / daughters back home before the school gets over.
  • All students, whose dress or appearance is untidy, may be refused admission to the class.
  • Within the school premises the students are expected to speak in ENGLISH only.
  • Students are expected to take part in the co-curricular activities such as dramatics, displays, matches, debates etc. when and where they are asked to do so.
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the staff in enforcing regularity and discipline by seeing that their wards prepare their lessons, do their homework as shown in their diary, and by taking an active and helpful interest in the activities of the school.
  • When the students have to move along the corridors while the classes are in progress, they should do so in silence.
  • Two wheelers are not allowed in the school for the students.


Students will be issued 'yellow' and 'Red' cards for serious or habitual breach of discipline. The card when issued, has to be returned on the next day, signed by the parents, otherwise the student will not be admitted to class.


To be issued to the defaulter student for the following:

  • Irregular attendance.
  • Coming late to school.
  • Coming to school without uniform.
  • Not bringing the School diary.
  • Repeated careless and irregular work.
  • Disturbing the class in the absence of teacher.
  • Disrupting classroom teaching.
  • Throwing pieces of chalk, paper and such thing.
  • Using abusive language.
  • Missing class, Assembly, Library, P.T. etc. periods.
  • Any other similar offences.

To be issued to the defaulter student in the presence of the Principal and parents for the following:

  • Being disobedient.
  • Rude or insolent behaviour with a teacher.
  • Bullying fellow students and causing physical injuries and hurts.
  • Forging signature of parents, teachers or Principal.
  • Damaging school property (a fine will also be imposed ).
  • Bursting crackers in school campus.
  • Using unfair means during any examination. Negative influence.