Attendance Rules

St Joseph School Ratlam

As a matter of fact, in one year (365 days) a student gets 160 holidays and revision days added to it. In-spite of it some students are found to be absent on and off for reasons not valid.

A lot of our hard work and time is wasted on students due to their habitual absence and it brings down the discipline and academic result of the school.

Therefore, the management has taken this matter to serious consideration and has decided not to excuse any student for an absence of more than 20 days in session, except in case of serious illness.

This means a student absent for more than 20 days will not be allowed to continue her / his studies in this school, even if he/she passes the examinations, failing which you will be asked to pay the fine.

If you are ready to discipline your daughter / son with respect to this norm of regularity, take admission / continue studies in this school.

If not kindly withdraw you daughter/son and seek admission else where.